Australia was a country full of wide open spaces, job opportunities, wonderful weather, vibrant cities and as early as the 1950s, a life which seemed a far cry from the gloom and depression of post-war Europe.

Some rationing was still in force, but the book relates how many kept their positive and hopeful belief that they would make good once they were in employment and comfortable accommodation of their own. The memories contained in ‘Good Adventure’ speak of more than satisfactory wages and work conditions, as well as opportunities to visit pleasant places and enjoy the beautiful beaches a few miles away.




This happy and optimistic theme, however, is revealed as the constant attempts of a mother to comfort her own parents in faraway Manchester, never really able to come to terms with their much-loved daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren being on the other side of the world, quite possibly for ever.

The book therefore has a tension between the genuinely happy and good adventure and the exaggeration of everything, especially concerning the two grandsons’ well being. These two were well out of sight, apart from the frequently posted photographs of their development, but never out of the grieving grandparents’ minds.

This book therefore gives the explanation as to why such
a family had so great a change of mind, returning to England only three years after arriving in Melbourne
to seek a new life.

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