Many hundreds of people under the then ‘White Australia Policy’ set off from Europe, particularly from the United Kingdom, to seek their fortunes in Australia, reputedly a land of great opportunity.

Great ocean-going liners transported these large numbers of families and individuals across the sea to the new homeland, where they would stay at first in migrants’ hostels, until such time as they could afford to buy a
plot of land and build a house.


Those who did this settled into homes, schools and new careers and their descendants are the Australian people of today, now of course sharing that new nationality with a much wider and more cosmopolitan range of people from different continents and countries, as well as the indigenous Aborigines.

Some could not bear the homesickness or the rather spartan hostel accommodation and lifestyle, so they returned to their old countries.

Others, like the Crowthers, had a change of plan and sailed back to England, believing that to be the better of two possible options, yet sad to leave so far behind what would almost certainly have been a wonderful, fulfilling life in Australia. This book tells the story of what happened.


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