With the unexpected discovery of all the correspondence sent back to her family, our mother's letters graphically brought back all the memories of our 'Good Adventure' -
a phrase which she coined and used in her very first letter.

It is in her memory that my brother and I decided to put together these letters which are complemented by all the original photographs, postcards and paraphernalia sent along with the letters.


Good Adventure is a perfect-bound 'coffee-table' paperback book. It is printed in black and white with
a full-colour cover and a high quality matt laminate finish. It runs to over 270 pages and contains a comprehensive index and list of illustrations, of which there are over 140. The print run is limited, so order your copy now to avoid disappointment!

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Transcribing the letters was no easy task! Our mother's handwriting and the effects of time and mildew rendered
the odd paragraph somewhat challenging, but she wrote
as she spoke, so understanding them was quite intuitive.

It was amazing how many photographs had been sent -
and kept safe. Many airmail envelopes stated ominously:
"If anything is enclosed, letter will be sent by ordinary mail"!  In the further interest of minimising the postage charges, airmail letters were as thin as toilet paper, adding to their fragility, so the ink on one side was clearly visible from the other, adding to the difficulty in reading them at times.


But the combination of our mother's account of our life in Australia and the related photos showing how we were
getting along, come together in 'Good Adventure' to tell
the story of our time 'Down Under' quite vividly.

Although I was too young to remember, my brother Nigel, five years my senior, has always possessed the most extraordinary memory as well as remarkable liter­ary ability. His interspersed narrative has provided anecdote, context and continuity, but the letters literally speak
for themselves.

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