Clearly in the days of our stay in Australia, video as such did not exist and personal computers and the Internet would have seemed science fiction to us all. How life has changed!

Some elements of these videos parallel our experience  exactly, others relate to rather more modern times, but
all are totally evocative of that period of recent history.

In researching the history of Australia's immigration policies and the social history of families such as ours who emigrated, stayed or returned, we have found a good amount of media which has been collected here. It has been sourced from Youtube and other online sources. Should any material be considered subject to copyright, we apologise and will remove it immediately, if we could be contacted in that respect.

Arriving in Australia

Ten Pound Poms (6/7 episodes)

To Bonegilla from Somewhere

A History of Immigration in Australia

Australia for your Son's Future

Changing Patterns of Migration

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Musical Memories

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